Complete Test Automation Bundle

Learn Java, Python, TestNG, JavaScript, Selenium WebDriver With Java/Python, Rest API Automation and Shell Scripting

This bundle includes comprehensive Software Development and Test Automation courses:

  • Selenium WebDriver with Java (Includes Complete Java and TestNG courses)
  • Selenium WebDriver Advanced - Industry Standard Framework
  • Selenium WebDriver with Python (Includes Python3 course)
  • Rest API Automation With Rest Assured
  • JavaScript For Beginners
  • Mac Linux Command Line Basics

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REST Assured is powerful set of APIs to automate Restful APIs/Restful Webservices (just like Selenium WebDriver for Web Application). Almost all web applications use Rest APIs to communicate with back-end and it has gained a lot of popularity in the modern day application architecture.

It is very important for QA/Automation engineers to understand how to automate Rest API tests. Automating Rest APIs tests is very crucial for projects because Rest API tests are quick to run and more stable unlike web automation.


*** Most popular and best Selenium course *** includes : 270 lectures (Basics to Framework) with real time websites

No false promises, straight point to point explanation with simple and easy to understand examples

This course includes a wide range of topics from Selenium WebDriver Basics and Advanced, Java Concepts, TestNG Framework, Automation Framework Design (Page Objects, Page Factory, Data Driven, Reading Excel Files ), Logging with Log4j, Best reporting tool - Advanced Reporting, Cross-Browser Testing with Selenium Grid 2.0, Maven Build Management, Continuous Integration with Jenkins, Git integration with Jenkins, Database Testing, Performance Testing, Behavior Driven Testing Using Cucumber, Interview Preparation . All materials including code files.

You achieve two targets with one single course

  1. Complete Java Programming Language
  2. Selenium WebDriver Automation


*** Best Selenium WebDriver With Python Programming Language Course *** Complete Framework Implementation From Scratch ***

This course includes a wide range of topics from Selenium WebDriver Basics and Advanced, Python Programming Concepts, Unittest And Pytest Framework , Automation Framework Design (Page Objects, Data Driven, Reading CSV Files ), Logging Infrastructure , Cross-Browser Testing, Interview Preparation. All materials including code files.

You achieve two targets with one single course

  1. Complete Python Programming Language
  2. Selenium WebDriver Automation

Why Python Programming Language?

Python Programming Language is the fastest growing programming language within both the fields, development and testing. QA industry is rapidly progressing to move on with Python Programming Language for all the automation needs because of the flexibility it offers.


  • Ever wondered how the websites work when you click on a button or a link?
  • Ever wanted to become a web developer, but thought it is difficult?

JavaScript is the first step to any web development and it's fun instead of being tough.

This course focus is to learn by doing and examples. All code files provided to refer and learn.

  • JavaScript is one of the most popular language used in the industry
  • There are tons of highly paid jobs for web developers and web testers

As you might have already figured out, this course does not need you to have any coding experience , at the end of the course and with practice you will be able to understand and work on JavaScript concepts


This course includes a wide range of topics and get you started in using your Mac or Linux system from the command line or terminal.

The best part about this course is, we assume that you have no prior experience in using terminal and we start from scratch.

This course will get you started with most used commands in the UNIX and Linux world and help you

increase your efficiency in doing daily tasks.

You will be guided step by step in a organized approach. All concepts, commands are explained in plain language, making it easy for anyone to understand.

********************* WHAT MAKES THIS BUNDLE BEST *****************************

***** One stop place to learn JavaScript concepts and become an Expert in Web Automation and Rest API Automation Framework related technologies from scratch *****

We start from Beginners level and go through Advance level. This is a single course related to JavaScript, Web UI Automation, Rest API Automation and Command Line Basics.

Examples are taken from TESTING REAL TIME HOSTED WEB APPLICATIONS to understand how different components can be automated, that will give you idea of industry level framework and give you confidence.

NO PRIOR CODING OR AUTOMATION EXPERIENCE NEEDED, this course covers all the necessary topics.

Get more than 100 hours of unique content with real example code files provided to refer and learn with examples.


Join the group of more than 75,000 students learning from us in different courses with positive feedback.

  • Are you looking to step into automation industry with the latest technologies in market?
  • Are you keen to learn GUI automation using Selenium WebDriver With Java/Python Programming Language and other latest framework technologies?
  • Interested in learning how Selenium WebDriver is used in projects?
  • Interested in learning Rest API Automation With Rest Assured?

Please take a look at the complete curriculum to get an idea of topics covered in this course.

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Let's Kode It

Let's Kode It, with over 15 years of real time industry experience, our vision is to provide affordable skills to everyone and walk with our students in their journey to learn a new skill. We want to see them doing what they always wanted to do. Whether it be programming languages like Java/Python, Selenium WebDriver Automation, Mobile Automation with Appium or Rest API Automation.

We excel from software inception to implementation. Our goal is to offer high quality technology courses which suits newbie as well as an intermediate. We focus on the technologies which are essential to perform in today's job market.

Courses Included with Purchase

Selenium WebDriver With Java
Novice To Ninja + Interview Guide
Let's Kode It
Learn Python 3 from scratch
Detailed Python 3.x tutorial for beginners - Become a developer in demand
Let's Kode It
Selenium WebDriver With Python 3.x
Novice To Ninja - Build an automation framework from scratch
Let's Kode It
JavaScript for beginners
A Complete Guide
Let's Kode It
Mac Linux Command Line Basics
Kick Start in 4 hours for Beginners
Let's Kode It
Java Step By Step For Testers
A-Z Java guide what's right for your Selenium WebDriver needs
Let's Kode It
TestNG Complete Bootcamp - Novice To Ninja
A-Z guide for learning TestNG (Next Generation) to speed up your automation goals
Let's Kode It
Rest API Automation With Rest Assured
Framework Implementation From Scratch - Novice To Ninja
Let's Kode It
Selenium WebDriver Advanced
Industry Standard Framework
Let's Kode It

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